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Who We Are, What We Do, & Why
About Us

The Leap Partners Story, Team, & Mission

Leap Partners was founded by two home-service veterans—John Cerasuolo and Patrick Ritter. After over a decade of working together at ADS Security, John and Patrick successfully negotiated 30 acquisitions while expanding the company to dozens of locations throughout the Southeast. This success ultimately led to selling ADS Security in 2019. However, John, Patrick, and the rest of the leadership team were far from done.

With this stellar experience under their belts, the pair launched Leap Partners—a Nashville-based home services company dedicated to finding, acquiring, and combining the best businesses in residential and small-commercial services. Now, our family of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical companies serves communities of all sizes throughout the Southeastern US.

John and Patrick are still on the lookout for successful businesses, innovative owners, and new partnerships each and every day. Ready to join a winning team? Contact our CEO today!

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How We Help Companies & Owners Succeed

After launching Leap Partners, CEO John and CFO Patrick decided on two approaches. The first was to give every business owner an option to remain with the company and help it thrive into the future. Owners are certainly free to cash out and walk away, but the vast majority choose to stay with Leap Partners after selling.

The second innovative approach involves experience. John and Patrick are veterans of the home services industry. They know the pinch points and frustrations of owning/operating HVAC, plumbing, and electrical businesses.

By combining these two approaches, Leap Partners ensures favorable outcomes for owners and employees while using their experience to alleviate frustrations across the board. We can’t wait to see where this unique approach takes our family of home service companies next!

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More About the Leap Partners Team

Learn a bit more about who we are and why that matters when selling your business.

John Cerasuolo | CEO
Patrick Ritter | CFO

Our Mission

Why buy successful home services companies? Why keep owners around after the fact? How does Leap Partners position businesses to succeed, and why can’t owners do that on their own? These are all valid questions that we field frequently from interested owners.

Get these answers and more by learning about the Leap Partners mission and our vision for our family of home services companies. If you’re interested in selling your business, contact our CEO directly today!

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