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Our Companies

A Network of Home Service Businesses in the Southeastern US

The owners we partner with start their business because they love the trade and they know they can build something better than working for someone else. Then, after hard work, long days, lost sleep, delayed vacations, and no time off, our owners come to realize they are spending less time on driving the business and instead are swallowed up with back office tasks. At Leap Partners, we know what it takes to operate an HVAC, plumbing, or electrical business.

As home service veterans ourselves, your business and your legacy matter to us. Every company in our family is more than a number on a sheet to us. The companies we partner with are shining examples of what can be built with hard work, determination, and a community of people working towards the same goals. Take a look at the Leap Partners family below, and when you’re ready to start a conversation of your own, reach out to our CEO, John Cerasuolo.

The Leap Partners Family

Date Acquired -3/15/22
Date Acquired - 3/31/22
Date Acquired - 5/19/22
Date Acquired - 7/28/22
Date Acquired - 10/28/22
Date Acquired - 2/1/23
Date Acquired - 2/2/23
Date Acquired - 3/3/23
Date Acquired - 6/15/23
Date Acquired - 6/21/23
Date Acquired - 7/6/23
Date Acquired - 9/13/23
Date Acquired - 9/27/23
Date Acquired - 11/16/23
Date Acquired - 4/11/24
Date Acquired - 6/6/24

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Our Process

At Leap Partners, no two deals are the same because no two owners or businesses are the same. As an owner, you have individual needs, concerns, and aspirations that need to be met and accounted for. You won’t sell your business to just anyone—and that’s wise.

From the first conversation to the last bit of paperwork and the start of a new partnership, our process is designed to make dreams come true on both sides. Learn more about our buying process to determine if Leap Partners is right for you.

Success Stories

Selling your business is a massive decision that can’t be taken lightly. Ultimately, the deal you make should do more than just satisfy you—it should thrill you through and through. As the Leap Partners family grows, we’ve asked some of our owners to sit down for a chat and talk about their experience.

Hear from owners who sold about their deals, their working relationship with Leap Partners, and how their businesses fared after the fact. As far as we’re concerned, there can be no better spokespeople than the owners we serve and work with each and every day.

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