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The entrepreneurial mindset can be difficult to imagine for a lot of folks. The average person can’t know what it’s like to make or sell a business. At Leap Partners, the greatest feedback we get comes from our owners and their employees. Hear first-hand accounts from business owners like you about their experience with Leap Partners.

Business Owner Testimonials & Success Stories in the Southeastern US

“First, John took the time to send me a handwritten note, which really impressed me. But what really sold me was when John explained I could continue to be as involved in leading my business as I would like. Finding partners like John and Patrick who share Conditioned Air’s commitment to serving our customers and employees was crucial for me. I am excited to work together and carry on the legacy of Conditioned Air.”

Read Paul’s Story

“Leap Partners was a great company for us to join because they know the importance of helping local businesses like ours grow while continuing to maintain strong ties to the community.”

Read Donnie’s Story

“I chose Leap Partners because I wanted to be part of a team. Owning and running a small business can be lonely. Now, whenever I need help or have a question, I have a list of people I can call for help or advice. I reached a point with my company where I felt I was being pulled in a lot of different directions. I felt like a jack of all trades but a master of none. Now I can focus on the few parts of the business I really enjoy and feel will make the biggest impact on my employees and customers.”

Read Jonathan’s Story

“My employees were my #1 priority. They have been so loyal to me over the years, the least I could do was make sure I sold the business to a group like Leap that is sincere and supportive about helping my company continue to grow for years to come.”

Steve Samson

“I spoke to a lot of owners that previously sold to Leap Partners and was impressed with their feedback. Leap customized the deal to make sure my family, employees, and I were taken care of. In fact, I was able to save an employee from leaving because Leap provided better health insurance for his family than I was able to provide.”

Tim Funke

“I have a friend who sold his company and now has to get approval on every little thing. I chose to sell to Leap Partners because my employees and I now have more opportunities to grow, but I still have the same autonomy to run the company the way I think is best.”

Chris Hagerman

“What really sold me was when John explained I could continue to lead my team while Leap Partners would take over things like payroll, accounting, and marketing. Finding partners like John and Patrick who have experience with these areas of the business that eat up all my time has been a relief.”

Greg George

“With the Leap Partners team, we are going to be able to better serve our employees and our customers. I am excited about the opportunity to continue to lead Drain Werks, but now with a broader support team of business owners that can help us navigate our growth.”

Duston Williams

“I love a challenge but after growing my company for 12 years, I reached a point where I was burned out. I am excited about finally getting some support.”

Steve Tangeman

“I decided to sell my business to Leap Partners because I knew I could trust they wouldn’t come in and dismantle what my team and I had worked so hard to build. I am grateful I found a company like Leap where everyone digs in and help vs. dictating how things should be done.”

Tom Robeson

“First impressions are an important part of the service business. We could tell right away Leap Partners shared our same core values. They were different from others who approached us. They want to help us grow our business, with our culture and with our operations team we have in place today.”

Keith Lowe

“I am proud of my team and what we have built. My team and I are excited to take our company to the next level with Leap Partners’ help. Together we will be able to better serve our community.”

Phillip Semones

“We needed help managing our growth. Little things like printer issues and sourcing vehicles would slow us down and distract us from running the business. Now, Leap Partners provides a free IT and Fleet Team that we can use any time we need to help keep up with our rapid growth. The additional help has been a huge relief.”

Justin Deese

“I was worried what was going to happen to the business once we sold. So, I did some research and called the other owners that sold to Leap Partners. I expected to hear mixed feedback of both good and bad experiences, but I couldn’t find any owner in the group that wasn’t happy. They all felt they made the right decision. I finally felt like we had found the right partner.”

Jacob Hamilton
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As a business owner yourself, you don’t have to imagine the toil and hardship these owners faced down the years. You personally know what it means to make something from nothing. Understandably, you won’t part with what you’ve built without good reason.

At Leap Partners, we don’t just buy businesses. We partner with business owners to grow brands, expand markets, lower costs, and increase revenue—all while making their biggest and smallest dreams come true.

When you’re ready to talk, call our CEO, John Cerasuolo—a former Naval Academy graduate. You can reach John at (615) 218-5044 or email him to get the conversation started.

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