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How We Grow The Leap Partners Family
Our Process

Building trust is a lot like building a business—it starts with communication and transparency. At Leap Partners, we believe in open dialogue, transparency, and confidentiality at every stop. Learn more about our fast 45-day process.

How Leap Partners Buys Home Services Businesses in the Southeastern US

You may install ACs, maintain heat pumps, upgrade electrical panels, or clear drains, but regardless of the details, you’re in the business of helping people. Leap Partners is in the same business. Our home services companies save the day in their local communities while we help business owners achieve the freedom and financial independence they crave.

If you’ve thought about selling your home services business before, or are just considering your options for the future, Leap Partners can help. Check out our process below and contact us for more details.

Step 1: Start a Discussion

Every business is a story, and we’d like to hear yours. Your background, hard work, struggles, and triumphs paint a better picture than spreadsheets, balance books, and bills. Behind every successful operation, there are human beings who care. It makes good sense to start there.

Step 2: Follow-Up Discussion

If you valued our talk or heard something you liked, we’ll shift our focus from the past to the future. During this follow-up conversation, we’ll talk about your goals, your ambitions, and how your company might grow to support those aspirations in the days and weeks ahead.

Step 3: Financial Review

In this step, we’ll review your company’s historical performance and financial data before forming a plan to grow your business, free up more of your time, and deliver on your goals. This is also a great opportunity to ask any lingering questions you may have.

Step 4: Negotiation & Customization

If you’re ready to proceed with Leap Partners, we’ll start by customizing a deal. The primary focus here is what you need to feel valued and successful. No detail is too big or small. We can make arrangements for continued benefits, company vehicles, money up front, and substantial earnouts—all based around your needs and desires.

Step 5: Purchase Offer & Consultation

This is the day we’ve been waiting for! We’ll start with the fairest and most competitive valuation for your business. After that, we can make adjustments or even offer advice on how to increase your valuation. Either way, there’s certainly no rush. No purchase offer is right until you say so.

Step 6: 45 Day Review

To get the deal ready for closing, we will work with you and your team to review your company’s details and financial history in depth to make sure we finalize the paperwork and payment based on the most accurate information available.

Step 7: Close

At this step, there’s nothing left to do but transfer funds and close the deal. You can enjoy the fruits of your hard work and dedication to your business. Your new role has been tailored by you to meet every need and detail. Our mutual futures get brighter and your company grows to support employees and customers fully.

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At Leap Partners, we know that every business is a “people business,” regardless of what it does. That’s why we start with people first. When you’re ready to open a dialogue about selling your home services business, you won’t speak to a machine or even a receptionist. You’ll start by speaking to our CEO.

Leap Partners CEO John Cerasuolo is a graduate of the US Naval Academy. With decades of industry experience under his belt, John is the perfect place to start your journey to independence, financial freedom, and substantial business growth.

Drop John a line today by calling (615) 218-5044. You can also reach out by email to start a conversation.

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