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Get the latest tips and tricks about selling your home services business, or browse announcements about the newest members of the Leap Partners family. We’re always publishing new articles to help business owners understand life, business, and the selling process, so check back frequently for updates!

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Selling your business is a detailed process -- and for good reason. At Leap Partners, we're interested in empowering business owners to continue to build the company and life they've dreamed about.

With our support, experience, and investment you can reach new heights while you focus on the parts of the business you love. We know our owners and the trust they have earned from their employees are the key to keep the business thriving

When you’re ready to talk about a custom deal that matches your every need, speak to our CEO, John Cerasuolo. Call John today at (615) 218-5044 or email him to get the conversation started.

Our Process

At Leap Partners, the selling process starts with you—who you are, how you got here, and what you want for your personal and professional life. Behind every business, there are human beings who care, so it only makes good sense to start there.

Learn more about the selling process—from starting a conversation to closing on a deal that’s tailor-built for you. These no-obligation discussions can help you align your goals and ask great questions about your past, present, and future.

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