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Two Home-Service Veterans Have Launched Leap Partners

A New Company With A Unique Acquisition Approach

Two home-service veterans, John Cerasuolo and Patrick Ritter, have launched Leap Partners, a new Nashville-based home services company.  They are leveraging their experience to find, acquire, and combine many of the best businesses in residential and small-commercial HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services across the Southeast.

John Cerasuolo, CEO, and Patrick Ritter, CFO of Leap Partners, worked alongside each other for more than a decade at Nashville-based home security company, ADS Security (ADS). Together, they led ADS to become one of the fastest-growing security companies in the USA. They successfully completed over 30 acquisitions and expanded the company to 25 locations across the Southeast. This success attracted buyers and the company sold in 2019 to Pittsburgh-based Vector Security. With southern hospitality, a deep understanding of operating service businesses, and a focus on putting team members and customers first, John and Patrick developed a reputation of being buyers of choice for business owners thinking about selling. The foundation of their success is that they treat all companies they work with as partners throughout the acquisition process.

“Leap Partners has a unique acquisition approach,” said John Cerasuolo. “First, we give business owners the ability to continue to be as involved in leading their business as they would like. Or, owners have an option to cash out and pursue other life interests.  Second, Leap Partners truly knows what it takes to run a home services business. As a result, the owners we work with are relieved Patrick and I can step in and help with many frustrating back-office administrative processes like taxes, insurance, employee compensation, and financial reporting. This helps free up the owner’s time to do what they enjoy.“

“We believe we have the strongest team in the industry,” said Patrick Ritter. “We quickly realized there was a large opportunity to replicate the success we had at ADS in the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical industries.  The number of business owners reaching out to discuss a sale has been unbelievable. We are having the time of our lives meeting with people like us across the Southeast that love their team members and the communities they serve.”

About Leap Partners

Leap Partners is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. The company is working to connect the best small and medium-sized HVAC, plumbing and electrical service businesses in the Southeast to build a world-class employer and service-provider of choice with industry-leading customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

For more information, visit and to get a list of references from John and Patrick’s long list of successful acquisitions, please visit

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