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Turn Your Employees Into Recruiters

Every owner we talk to says they have trouble finding and keeping top talent. Our branches are still trying to figure out the best ways to recruit top talent. But, one proven way we have found is to incentivize your employees to tap into their network to fill open positions and attract high-quality candidates in the process.

Here are some steps you can take to turn your employees into recruiters:

  1. Offer Referral Bonuses: One of the most effective ways to incentivize employees to recruit new candidates is by offering a referral bonus. No one knows what it takes to be successful at your company better than your employees. This is a win-win for your company. By paying your employees a bonus, you make their day and you get a high-quality candidate for a fraction of the price that you’d pay for a professional recruiter.

  2. Communicate Open Positions: Make sure that your employees are aware of the open positions in your company. Use email, social media, or your company’s website to share job postings with your employees.

  3. Encourage Employee Networking: Encourage your employees to attend industry events and conferences. Also encourage them to talk to other plumbers, electricians, or technicians at supply houses. We made poker chips with each company’s logo and a QR code to their career page that all of our employees hand out in their communities.

  4. Recognize and Reward Successful Referrals: Recognize and reward employees who successfully refer qualified candidates to your company. This can help to motivate your employees to continue to actively recruit for your company. We put on an event and did a drawing for everyone that submitted a referral in 2022. Then we recognized the winner, Dillon Capley pictured above, with a $5,000 check.

Interested in hearing more about how we are working to help our branches recruit top talent? Contact us below.

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